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This is a promotional video for "STIMIRON" that embodies the spirit of NO LIMITS. Produced by a team specializing in film production. This video is filled with the thoughts of Hidetada Yamagishi.

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MESSAGE - From Hidetada Yamagishi to everyone

A message from Hidetada Yamagishi, the owner of STIMIRON. I am writing about the background and thoughts of creating this apparel brand.

STORY - The Trajectory of STIMIRON

Became a bodybuilder in 2002 and participated in numerous competitions. It traces Hide's career and the trajectory up to the birth of STIMIRON.

CONCEPT - concept

STIMIRON is an apparel brand for all workout lovers. Try on the clothes many times to check the comfort and texture. All apparel is made in Japan.

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We are particular about fabrics, such as cotton that feels good on the skin, quick-drying materials, and recycled PET bottle materials. Finished with a design that can also be used as a town use.


STIMIRON pants are also suitable for gym training with up and down movements such as squats. Since it is created with a 1mm unit guide pattern, it has a three-dimensional style.


A collection of accessories with the STIMIRON logo. Finished with a simple design that blends naturally into your daily life.