Message from Hidetada Yamagishi

Thoughts put into STIMIRON

Infinity ~ There is no limit to your growth



"Infinite" There is no limit to your growth

This is what I've done over the years in my bodybuilding life.

These are the words that I cherish the most.

When you set limits, you stop growing.

Today's me than yesterday's me

I want to grow even 1mm.

my thoughts

Expressed in the form of fitness wear

I want to share with you.

That's how I created

This is a brand called STIMIRON .


Thoughts in the logo

This logo is

With the shape of infinity ∞ as a motif,

I've been building my body for years

Image the shape of a dumbbell.

and brand name

STIM translates into Japanese as “stimulus.”

IRON is "iron" you know.

Give your muscles the best stimulation

Build a body like steel.

I want to make such fitness wear,

It means.

Proud to be Japanese.

Bringing Made in Japan to the world.

I moved to America when I was 20.

As a Japanese, I have fought in the world.

Japanese become bodybuilders of the world

I can't win.

In an era when such atmosphere was natural

I believe in my power,

I was able to leave a result.

And at the same time as wanting to show my power,

Proud to be Japanese

The desire to spread the wonders of Japan to the world

I got stronger.

On retiring from active duty,

What can I do now?

I thought.

to everyone in Japan

Enjoy your fitness

to help you,

and through fitness

Bringing the wonders of Japan to the world

I think it's about telling them.

Therefore, STIMIRON is

Made in Japan and made in Japan.

Pattern making and sewing by Japanese craftsmen,

Sophisticated design and Japanese quality

challenge the world.

Also, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

As a brand that emphasizes

Proactive use of sustainable materials

We will make use of it.

With me,

Achieve limitless growth.

STIMIRON Co., Ltd. Representative Hidemasa Yamagishi

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STORY - The Trajectory of STIMIRON

Became a bodybuilder in 2002 and participated in numerous competitions. It traces Yamagishi's career and the trajectory up to the birth of STIMIRON.

STIMIRON promotion video

This is a promotional video for "STIMIRON" that embodies the spirit of NO LIMITS. Produced by a team specializing in film production. This video is filled with the thoughts of Hidetada Yamagishi.

CONCEPT - concept

STIMIRON is an apparel brand for all workout lovers. Try on the clothes many times to check the comfort and texture. All apparel is made in Japan.