It is an image image of STIMIRON.

Stimulation of steel STIM IRON

Produced by a team specializing in visual storytelling, such as film production.
It embodies the spirit of "NO LIMITS" that STIMIRON cherishes.

I made a video of a strong brand image that is a stimulus of steel and a strong brand image that strikes iron.

STIMIRON promotional movie

I expressed my strength.

short logo animation

The logo has a powerful image like hardened steel.

STIMIRON short animation

From fabric selection to photography.

Behind the scenes of STIMIRON production

We will release the state of STIMIRON production.

behind the scenes

Learn more about STIMIRON.

MESSAGE - From Hidetada Yamagishi to everyone

A message from Hidetada Yamagishi, the owner of STIMIRON. I am writing about the background and thoughts of creating this apparel brand.

STORY - The Trajectory of STIMIRON

Became a bodybuilder in 2002 and participated in numerous competitions. It traces Yamagishi's career and the trajectory up to the birth of STIMIRON.

CONCEPT - concept

STIMIRON is an apparel brand for all workout lovers. Try on the clothes many times to check the comfort and texture. All apparel is made in Japan.