For you, going beyond your limit.

Giving your best shot, believing thoroughly in your own possibility.
An intense iron-like stimulation for you, who never stops evolving while training to your limit.

We are a tough fitness wear brand that supports you,
who embodies “No Limits – Think Infinite.”

We are “MADE IN JAPAN,” utilizing Japanese technology that can compete in the world.


STIMIRON wear stands with the “No Limits” spirit.

Real, authentic wear created by Hidetada Yamagishi, who fought worldwide, going beyond his own limits.

STIMIRON will keep facing challenges together with you, who embodies “Think Infinite” and trains to your limits.

MADE IN JAPAN, that can compete worldwide.

Features of STIMIRON


- Sustainable and Tough Wear -

A team of specialists selected the best material, and Yamagishi checked the touch, softness, and texture himself. The wear is completed with comfortable stretchiness and durability for training as the best wear for trainees.


- Style Selected by Hidetada Yamagishi -

A silhouette and cut line to make your muscles look even more beautiful. Details that make the wear fit your body gently and durable for hard training. A design made for adult trainees that is wearable as daily wear as well.


- Think Infinite, Present in the Details -

Pursued a comfortable fit that doesn’t get in the way of movement by having patterns made by hand pattern craftsmen (which only few exist in Japan). Please try out our uncompromising pursuit of achieving a delicate millimeter difference through several fittings.


-Made in Japan-

Japan’s sewing technology, courteousness, and toughness is the core of the brand. All sewing of the material is completed in a factory in Japan, and we made training wear so that you can concentrate on training “without feeling pricky stiches” and “sewing wear durable for hardcore training.”

Initiatives for SDGs

Are you particular about your choices?

What are you particular about when eating or buying a product?

Something artificial, something natural
Something manufactured mechanically, something handmade
Environmental impact, background of manufacturing
What is important, and what meaning does it have?

STIMIRON actively engages in developing wear gentle to future earth.

Recyclable Resources

STIMIRON aims to contribute to SDGs. We are actively making use of materials such as used pet bottles collected at the coast, recycled scrap from the spinning process, and organic cotton. We aim to be a sustainable wear brand gentle to the global environment and body.

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STIMIRON promotion video

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