The symbol is a powerful dragon with an indomitable spirit. This is also engraved on Hidemasa Yamagishi's left arm, and it embodies the "No Limits" spirit that continues to have strength and power beyond limits.

why dragon?


The reason why Hidemasa Yamagishi is called "Dragon" is that he was likened to "Bruce Lee" in the American bodybuilding world. It has an agile and aggressive style, and its movement and flexibility are very reminiscent of a dragon. Hidemasa Yamagishi was an outstanding bodybuilder with incredible muscle mass and suppleness. His on-stage performance continued to fascinate the audience with his overwhelming physicality and unique movements, like a flying dragon.


Design Process

Designed based on the STIMIRON logo.
An iron-like strong body and a dragon full of energy are uniquely fused.

STIMIRON is a brand that pursues constant growth and evolution. The new logo "IRON DRAGON" embodies the spirit of the brand, supporting and moving forward with you in your quest for challenge, development, and change.


Based on the "S" of STIMIRON, the strength of the dragon is expressed, and "multiple S" are layered to express "various STIM (stimulation)".

The face of the dragon, which raises a ferocious roar , embodies "a state of training with whole body and soul", and the sharp upward corners embody "severity" and "improving attitude".
Furthermore, the dorsal fin of the dragon , which is represented by three triangles, has the meaning of Hidemasa Yamagishi's "mountain" and the "crown" that is the proof of the king.

with Dragon LOGO

New Collections

STIMIRON's latest work, "2023SS Collection" with a new logo is now available. By touching its charm, awaken your passion and embark on a journey to seek evolution together.

MESSAGE - Hidemasa Yamagishi

A message from Hidemasa Yamagishi, the owner of STIMIRON. I write about the process and thoughts behind the creation of this brand.

STORY - Trajectory

Became a bodybuilder in 2002 and participated in numerous competitions. It traces Yamagishi's career and the trajectory up to the birth of STIMIRON.


This is a promotional video for "STIMIRON" that embodies the spirit of NO LIMITS. Produced by a team specializing in film production. Please take a look at the video filled with the thoughts of Hidemasa Yamagishi.

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