SITIMIRON ポップアップストア  福岡で初開催!ご来場ありがとうございました!

SITIMIRON pop-up store held for the first time in Fukuoka! Thank you very much for coming!

STIMIRON pop-up shop in Fukuoka! Over 200 people attended the BIGHIDE autograph session!

On September 3rd, the STIMIRON pop-up store was held for the first time in Fukuoka !

A POP UP store where you can actually see, touch, and shop STMIRON products that are usually sold online.

This time, which was held for the first time in Fukuoka, Hidemasa Yamagishi himself visited as a special project, and a signing and photo session was also held!

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Unfortunately, it was raining, but many people came, especially the autograph and photo session, which was a limited time of 2 hours, with more than 200 people coming, and it was a great success.

Thank you again to everyone who came to visit us. thank you very much!

What are the specialties and charms of STIMIRON fitness wear? ?

STIMIRON fitness wear filled with Hidemasa Yamagishi's commitment.

At the pop-up store, visitors were able to actually pick up the products and experience the materials, designs, and quality.

To introduce an example of STIMIRON's commitment...

◎ Design that makes muscles look beautiful

Designed with a three-dimensional silhouette and cut lines that make your muscles look more beautiful.

◎Made in Japan sewing

All fabrics are sewn in factories in Japan. The seams do not irritate and the stitching can withstand hard training.

◎ Tough and comfortable material

Hidemasa Yamagishi himself checks the texture, softness, and texture of the material. Carefully selected materials that are ideal for training with excellent stretchability and durability.

◎Environmentally friendly materials are actively used

We actively use materials such as used PET bottles, recycled materials such as waste from the spinning process, and organic cotton.

For those of you who visited the pop-up shop, I hope you were able to experience the details and attention to details that are difficult to convey online.

We hope you will enjoy using STIMIRON clothing for a long time to come!

When will the next pop-up store be exhibited?

STIMIRON's pop-up store was well received.

Next time, in November 2022, we will be exhibiting at the FWJ tournament in Tokyo !

When the details are decided, we will inform you again on social media, etc.

Please look forward to it! !



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