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Artisan pattern maker by hand

eco package

Environmentally friendly ECO material is used


"NO LIMITS TO MY GROWTH" The message of Hide, who has fought in the world, is strongly included in this wear. "There is no limit to your growth" One more time, one more day. A STIMIRON original hoodie that will give you even more motivation.

The “NO LIMITS TO MY GROWTH” logo is large, thick, and three-dimensionally designed. The concept colors of steel (IRON) and stimulus (STIM) are available in two colors: black x gold and gray x silver.

-The hood is also embroidered with the STIMIRON iron logo. It's a design that makes you feel STIM and IRON from the top of your head.

- If you are on a diet or losing weight, please try wearing it on the day of aerobic exercise. With moderate heat retention and sweat absorption, this garment is highly functional.

  • Reliable MADE IN JAPAN with a commitment to quality
  • "NO LIMITS TO MY GROWTH" Hide's message logo
  • Spacious arm circumference and body width
  • Comfortable material that is compatible with training
  • The thick ribs on the arms express strength.
  • Three-dimensionally printed concept message
  • STIMIRON characters are designed on the right arm
  • Embroidered STIMIRON logo on top of hood

    ■ Product details

    - material
    (Body: 84% cotton, 15% nylon, 1% polyurethane; Ribs: 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane)
    - Made in Japan
    - Model NO-STR-034

    -Photo model wears size L
    (Height 168cm | Chest 109cm | Waist 82cm | Inseam 76cm | Weight 75kg)

    size Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
    S. 68 62 63 58
    M. 70 65 66 59
    L. 72 68 69 60
    XL 74 71 72 61
    XXL 76 74 75 62

    ▼Reference size (in the case of height standard)
    S: -162cm
    M : 160-170cm
    L: 168-178cm
    XL: 175-182cm
    2XL: 180cm-

    ▼ Photo model: Makoto Matsuo wearing L size
    Height 168cm Chest 109cm Waist 82cm Inseam 76cm Weight 75kg
    instagram @makostar400

    ▼Hidemasa Yamagishi Wearing XL size Hidemasa Yamagishi Height 168cm

    *In the case of elastic fabric, there may be errors in size.

    Care instructions

    *Please refrain from using a dryer as it may cause the print to peel off and the fabric to stretch.

    ・Avoid using bleach.
    ・Do not soak, do not soak for a long time or leave it wet.
    ・Use a net when washing, and after washing, adjust the shape before drying.
    ・Dye may transfer when washed with water, so wash separately from other items.
    ・Avoid ironing the printed part.

    For accurate care instructions, please follow the precautions listed on the product's washing and quality label.

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    Stimulation of steel for those who train to the limit. Tough stylish wear.


    "MADE IN JAPAN" that makes use of Japanese technology that can compete in the world

    Hidemasa Yamagishi's particular style


    Silhouettes and cut lines that make your muscles look more beautiful.
    Detailed details that fit gently on the body and withstand hard training.

    Designed for adult trainees that can be worn as daily wear.

    Infinite thinking in the details


    We pursued a comfortable fit that does not hinder movement by making paper patterns by hand-patterned craftsmen, who are only a few in Japan.
    Experience STIMIRON's delicate attention to detail in 1mm increments, which has been repeatedly fitted.

    Made in Japan


    Japanese sewing technology, politeness, and durability are the axis of the brand. All the fabrics are sewn in a factory in Japan, and the "seams that do not irritate" and "sewing that can withstand hard training" make it possible to concentrate on training.

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