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Artisan pattern maker by hand

eco package


Made of 100% cotton, carefully selected super long cotton with a fiber length of 35 mm or more, this tank top is characterized by its smooth texture and glossy fiber. The dyeing process is more stretchy than before, achieving both an elegant firmness and comfort.

  • Reliable MADE IN JAPAN with a commitment to quality
  • The "Dragon" logo, which expresses strength, gives you power.
  • Comfortable material that is compatible with training
  • Standard style ideal for gym training

■ Product details

- material
(Body: 100% cotton)
- Made in Japan
- Model NO-STR-044

size Length Width shoulder width hem width
M. 69.7 52 33 52.7
L. 71.7 55 34 55.7
XL 73.7 58 35 58.7

▼Reference size (in the case of height standard)
M : 160-170cm
L: 168-178cm
XL: 175-182cm

▼ Photo model: Alvaro wearing XL size
Height 178cm Chest 120cm Waist 80cm Inseam 75cm Weight 90kg


▼Hidemasa Yamagishi wearing XL size <br>Hidemasa Yamagishi Height 168cm

*In the case of elastic fabric, there may be errors in size.

Care instructions

*Please refrain from using a dryer as it may cause the print to peel off and the fabric to stretch.

・Avoid using bleach.
・Do not soak, do not soak for a long time or leave it wet.
・Use a net when washing, and after washing, adjust the shape before drying.
・Dye may transfer when washed with water, so wash separately from other items.
・Avoid ironing the printed part.

For accurate care instructions, please follow the precautions listed on the product's washing and quality label.

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We created a tank top that allows you to move freely without hindering your training movements.

TANK TOP that ignites your heart

STIMIRON's dragon tank top has the power to set your heart on fire.
Made of 100% cotton and stretchy material that is comfortable to wear, it is functional to keep you comfortable during training, and the stylish design is also attractive. The symbol "Iron Dragon" that expresses that there is no limit to your growth is enshrined on your chest. A powerful boost for everything you can achieve. Confident and powerful, the Dragon will inspire you and inspire you to take on new challenges.

100% cotton soft to the touch

This tank top is made of 100% cotton and features a gentle texture. It can be said that the comfort when touching the bare skin is exactly the high-quality feel. Especially for those who do muscle training, they often wear it for a long time, so materials that are gentle on the skin are essential. The more comfortable you are, the more effective your training will be. Experience the gentle texture of 100% cotton.

Stretch material that does not restrict movement

This tank top will make your training even more powerful. The highly stretchable fabric fits your body without restricting movement and supports your freedom of movement. By reducing stress and discomfort, you can concentrate on training and enable efficient training. The stylish design is also attractive.

The meaning of the dragon logo

The iron dragon symbol of this tank top expresses the message 'No Limits'. It is an item designed for people who have a spirit of constant growth without limits to their own growth. A powerful dragon is printed on the chest, which will definitely increase your motivation for training.

"I wanted to make such an item that can face training straight."

take the gear up a notch

2 color variations

Black - chic and mature color

A very popular color for training apparel, "black" gives a simple and stylish impression. The feature is that dirt and sweat are hard to stand out.

WHITE - simple classic color

The standard color "white" for training apparel gives a bright and clean impression.

Navy - Refreshing popular color

“Navy”, which is popular outside of sports scenes, goes well with various colors, so it is easy to coordinate.

best dragon line for training

Dragon Series

March 2023. Hidemasa Yamagishi declared his return to the contest. We created a new apparel design line for HIDE YAMAGISHI, which competes in the world with the concept of "challenge" in the future.

Designing the strength of Hidemasa Yamagishi

Origin of dragon

Once called the Bruce Lee of the bodybuilding world, the dragon is now Hidemasa Yamagishi's trademark. As a new line of STIMIRON, we created the "Iron Dragon Logo" with the motif of the dragon that can be seen on the left arm.

STIMIRON's most important point when choosing fabrics

Pursued comfort

I was particular about comfort so that it would be easy to use for training. We wanted a comfortable fabric for dumbbell training, machine movement, and aerobic exercise.

what the dragon shows

Symbol of courage and challenging spirit

STIMIRON's dragon series expresses the "spirit of continuing to challenge" itself. The dragon, which is a symbol of strength, power and courage, is central to the design concept.